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Shooting in La Palma

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La Palma, also known as “La Isla Bonita”, which means “Pretty Islands”, is one of the eight islands of Canary Islands, in Spain. In a territory of approximately 700 km2, La Palma encloses countless landscapes and perfect locations for filming any type of audiovisual project, be it cinematographic, television or advertising. A natural set with large mountains, valleys, tropical forests, volcanic landscapes, coasts, unique beaches and endless unique corners with great aesthetic potential for audiovisual productions.

This quantity, variety and richness of extraordinary locations in a relatively small space significantly lowers shooting and production costs. If we add to this condition the most beneficial tax incentives in all of Europe, filming an audiovisual project on La Palma is a real success and enormous savings in production costs.

La Palma also has a catalog of professionals and companies, both in the audiovisual sector and in the filming services sector, which favor the development of optimal work teams with sufficient experience and knowledge to develop the possible demands of high-level productions. In addition, the services provided free of charge by La Palma Film Commission in advising and supporting productions will help facilitate any project that you want to film on the island.

We also want to highlight as important characteristics of La Palma as a film set, elements as positive as the exceptional climate (23º on average per year), security, the quality of accommodation and services for work teams, the tranquillity of spaces with absolute silence, the lack of light pollution of our protected sky, the blue of the sea that surrounds the island, the exclusive set because of the absence of exploitation by other audiovisual projects, and a long etcetera.


La Palma it is the best set to shoot stories